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TWRC Only Accepts Orphaned and Injured Wildlife

Our mission is to take in and rehabilitate orphaned, injured, and ill wildlife with the goal of releasing the animal back into the wild. Please call us at 713-468-8972 for advice on unwanted wildlife on your property that is not orphaned, ill, or injured.

Please note that we cannot accept domestic animals such as dogs, cats, domestic rabbits, or exotic pets. If you have a domestic animal in need of help, please contact your local domestic shelter. If you need help determining whether a found rabbit or reptile is wild or domestic, please call us at 713-468-8972.

For care instructions related to a specific animal, please see Common Texas Wildlife Throughout Houston below.

Steps for Making an Appointment:

  1. Call us at 713-468-8972 and leave a message with your name and phone number so that we may contact you. Please do not hang up and call back if we do not answer; we are likely assisting another rescuer and will call you back as soon as we are available.
  2. A staff volunteer will return your call as soon as possible to take preliminary information and set an appointment time for you.
  3. Please place the animal in a cardboard box with air holes cut in the top (cut the holes before placing the animal in the box) and tape the box shut. We will have boxes available at the center if needed, but this will be much easier and safer if done at home.

During Your Appointment:

  • Please arrive on time for your appointment so you are not delayed in being helped.
  • Park directly in front of the center.
  • There is no need to wait - we are unable to give updates on animals.

Thank you again for caring for native Texas wildlife!

Temporary Care Instructions for ALL Animals:

  • TWRC recommends that you wear gloves or use a cloth barrier when handling wildlife.
  • Place baby animals in a box lined with a soft cloth such as a t-shirt.
  • For injured adults, use a stick, broom or rolled up newspaper to gently push the animal into an appropriately-sized, secure (closed) box with a soft cloth on the bottom and holes in it for ventilation. DO NOT put the animal into a plastic bag.
  • Do not give the animal any food or liquids. Feeding an animal an incorrect diet can result in injury or death. In addition, a captured animal may get wet and become hypothermic, or may food stuck on its fur/feathers, potentially causing damage.
  • Keep the animal in a warm, dark, quiet place. Darkness makes the animal feel more secure. If the animal is a baby, the box can be placed half on and half off a heating pad set on low. If the animal gets too warm it will move to the other end of the box. Do not place adult animals on a heating pad.
  • Leave the animal alone. Human noise, touch and eye contact are very stressful to wild animals and can result in shock or even death. This is especially important in the case of injured or adult animals.
  • If an animal has been caught by a cat or dog, please call TWRC immediately at 713-468-8972. Even if wounds are not visible, the animal needs medical intervention as soon as possible.
  • Keep children and pets away. BE CAREFUL! An animal that is hurt or frightened may bite.
  • Call TWRC at 713-468-8972 as soon as possible!


Click the images below to learn more about what to do if an injured or orphaned animal has been found.
**Note: Please contact us for information or advice regarding species or situations not covered below.**

TWRC will be CLOSED on July 4th!

Houston Humane Society TWRC Wildlife Center will be CLOSED on Monday, July 4th in honor of Independence Day! We will re-open on Tuesday, July 5th for normal operations.
Should you need immediate wildlife assistance, please visit Animal Help Now at to obtain a list of wildlife rehabbers in your area. Otherwise, call us at 713-468-TWRC (8972), leave a message, and we'll contact you when we return on July 5. 

Enjoy your holiday!

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