TWRC wildlife Center accepts raptors such as Hawks, owls and Vultures. A raptor is a special type of bird which captures live prey. The word “raptor” means “to seize or grasp” in Latin. Raptors use their powerful, sharp talons to capture their prey and to defend themselves. Though it’s difficult to estimate the lifespan of raptors in the wild, many birds can live up to five or six years. However, most birds do not make it past their first winter. It’s April, but Great Horned Owls have been busy at their nests for two months. Golden Eagles are on their nests as early as the beginning of March. And Red-tailed Hawks begin early, too. Why do these birds of prey nest so early? It takes a long time to raise a baby hawk or owl to the size at which it can fend for itself. Such large birds grow slowly. By nesting so early, these raptors fledge their young by the time spring arrives.

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