There are 3 types of squirrels we receive at TWRC Wildlife Center. The Eastern Gray squirrel, the Fox squirrel and the Flying squirrel. These squirrels breeding periods occur twice each year, usually in the middle of summer and again near the end of winter. After successful mating occurs, gestation lasts about 44 days. Litters can include up to nine babies, but the average litter includes only two or three. The mean life expectancy for a gray squirrel at birth is 1-2 years; the average life span of an adult is closer to 6 years. Records for maximum life span are 12 years in the wild. Most Fox squirrels die before they become adults. Their maximum life expectancy is typically 12.6 years for females and 8.6 years for males. Flying Squirrels, the life expectancy of flying squirrels in the wild is about six years.

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