General Information about Turtles in the Houston area

Turtles are reptiles, meaning they are "cold-blooded", air-breathing vertebrates. They have tough, leathery skin covering their body. The shell has two distinct parts: the carapace, or top, and the plastron, or underside. The scales covering the entirety of the shell are known as scutes. Texas has over 20 species of turtles. Some of the most common species TWRC sees each year are: Red-eared sliders, Three-toed Box Turtles, and Snapping Turtles.

Most female turtles in Texas can lay up to 3 clutches of eggs per year and the nesting season can last from March to August, causing the eggs to hatch from mid to late summer. Mother turtles lay their eggs and leave, as babies are completely independent at birth and not in need of parental care. Turtles are amazing creatures with long life spans. Some can live for 50 years or more.

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