• How can I renew my Membership?
    Please renew your membership online. We prefer this method so we can easily update your information.

    Alternatively, you can pay by check made out to TWRC (Please reference membership in the memo line).

    Mailing address:
    TWRC Wildlife Center
    10801 Hammerly Blvd., #200
    Houston, TX 77043.

  • When is my TWRC membership due?
    New volunteers pay a membership fee when they sign up to become members at the Center Volunteer Orientation. Thereafter, membership is based on a calendar year and due December 31st.
  • Am I required to have any vaccinations prior to volunteering in the Center?
    We recommend that all our volunteers receive a Tetanus vaccines. Tetanus is caused by bacteria found in soil, dust, and manure. The bacteria enters the body through a wound, such as a deep cut. When people are infected, the bacteria produce a toxin (poison) in the body that causes serious, painful spasms and stiffness of all muscles in the body. This can lead to “locking” of the jaw so a person cannot open his or her mouth, swallow, or breathe. Complete recovery from tetanus can take months.
  • Can I volunteer at your Woodlands location?
    The Woolands location is no longer open. Volunteer opportunities exist at the Hammerly location where you will receive all the necessary training to support our mission of caring for wildlife.
  • Do you have volunteer opportunities for teens?
    14 years of age and above may volunteer in our Center and in Our Animal Care program.
  • Are you only open in the mornings?
    Our hours vary according to season. During the busy season, we do have extended hours.  Find hours of operation on our contact page.
  • What steps do I take to volunteer for the Center or in the Animal Care Program?
    You will need to attend a Center Volunteer Orientation if you want to participate in any of the opportunities associated with the center:  general center operations (caring for the education animals, helping with admissions over the counter, answering the phones, household chores), education opportunitieswildlife rehabilitation, vet room training, fundraising, data entry or being a board member.


    To participate in the Animal Care Program, you will be required to attend an orientation. You may sign up for an orientation by clicking here. Please note that an additional training will be necessary if you wish to volunteer to feed squirrels. This is included in your registration fee and no additional cost to you.”

  • Can I Write Any Donations Off On My Taxes?
    TWRC Wildlife Center is exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, therefore your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law. TWRC Wildlife Center is a nonprofit charity operating since 1979. Our federal tax identification number is 74-2130258.
  • Do you have a recurring donation system?
    Recurring donations can be set up online by viewing the donation page.
  • How can I make a donation?
    Donations can be made online by visiting the donation page, or if you prefer, you can speak personally with the Executive Director at 713-468-8972 x 151.
  • My group would like to set up a service day, do we need to attend an orientation?
    Groups interested in one-time or short-term projects do not need to attend an orientation session. Based on the age, size, and availability of the group, we can arrange an appropriate activity for you. Please email our Executive Director and include the name of your organization, number of volunteers, and whether anyone in your group is under 18.
  • I need to fulfill community service hours, what should I do?
    If you are seeking community service hours for school, an organization, or personal pleasure, please follow the steps to become a volunteer. You will be in charge of any documentation, including tracking your volunteer hours on your own timesheet. You may request that a TWRC supervisor initial your time sheet each time you volunteer. If you require other documentation of your volunteer hours, including TWRC letterhead, please contact our volunteer coordinator if you are volunteering as a Center Volunteer, or our Animal Care Manager if you are volunteering in our Animal Care Program before beginning your service.

    If you are seeking court-ordered community service hours, please contact our volunteer coordinator if you are wanting to work as a Center Volunteer, or our Animal Care Manager if you are wanting to volunteer in our Animal Care Program before attending orientation. In your email, list the nature of your charge, your age, number of service hours required, and the deadline by which the hours are due.

  • I attended an orientation, now what?
    Once you have attended Center Volunteer Orientation or the Animal Care Program Orientation and become an active TWRC Member, the Volunteer Coordinator will email you an invitation to the SignUp website. Proceed by following the instruction online to register and sign in. If don’t receive this invitation within 24-48 hours, please call or contact the Volunteer Coordinator. Also, check your junk box. Many times, your invitation to SignUp will go to your junk box or we were unable to read your handwriting. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can start your volunteer experience.
  • How long is orientation?
    The Center Volunteer orientation lasts an hour. The Animal Care Program orientation lasts two hours. To volunteer working with the squirrels, there is an additional feed training.
  • Is advance registration required for orientation?
    Yes, advance registration is required for all programs. It helps us to prepare if we know how many people to expect. You will also have to option to pre-pay for your membership if you RSVP online. This will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to get signed up as a volunteer.