Vet Room Assistant Internship

Spots available: 2
Available: Spring and Summer


Assist Vet staff stay organized so that they may be more focused on addressing the needs of the animals in a timely manner. The internship also serves as a training field in which the Vet Room Assistant learns more about the initial assessment and care of the new wildlife admissions. Candidates for this position should be friendly, reliable, flexible, motivated, and capable of multi-tasking.

Duties Include:

  • Willing to learn and execute appropriate handling and restraint skills for all species
  • Identify species for admissions and complete any missing data, i.e. quantity, date, time, etc.
  • Make initial assessment of new admissions, i.e. weight, gender, obvious injuries, and alert Vet Staff.
  • Hydrate any admissions as directed
  • Enter prescriptions on the computer and dispense as directed
  • Maintain Vet room supplies and cleanliness
  • Update animal placement guide
  • Help with placement of animals within the guidelines of TWRC Animal Placement Policy
  • Complete Opening and Closing Checklists

Specific Requirements:

  • Applicants should be upper-level students pursuing a degree in Biology, Zoology, Animal Science, or Pre-Vet or Graduate classes within the same fields
  • Applicants must attend a Wise Owl Training session and be proficient in Wise Owl Training
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