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Get involved in one of the many volunteer opportunities to help wildlife.

Volunteers at TWRC Wildlife Center are the backbone of our organization. They supply the force behind our mission to rehabilitate, release and educate the public. We are truly inspired by our volunteers’ devotion to the community responsibility of caring for our Texas wildlife. Since we started keeping records in 1992, our Center has helped more than 145,000 wild animals. Our volunteers have a very unique opportunity at TWRC. They get to be a part of an organization that established the first wildlife emergency facility in Houston, which has admitted over 392 different species. Over the years our seasoned volunteers and staff have acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience and are eager to share with individuals who want to join our mission to help wildlife. Volunteers leave here having the knowledge and ability to help any injured or orphaned wild animal they may encounter.

Volunteering is easy and fun! Here is what you need to know to begin volunteering with us.

  • Volunteers pay a $40 registration fee, which covers your TWRC Wildlife Center T-shirt, hands-on training with experienced staff and membership benefits.
  • You are required to complete our online orientation which covers all aspect of volunteering
  • Once you have completed the orientations, you will be sent a link to Sign Up, where you can sign up for your volunteer shifts
  • There are two areas within TWRC Wildlife Center which you can volunteer in:
  1. Our Center Area where we take admissions, house our animal ambassadors, and where our Vet room is located
  2. Our Animal Care Program where we house all the wildlife that we admit for onsite rehabilitation
  • You must be 16 years old or older to volunteer

There are many ways to volunteer!

Busy Bee

This position is responsible for maintaining TWRC’s facility where the public bring injured, orphaned and ill wildlife for care. Our facility must be clean and orderly so that we can operate efficiently to provide quality care to wildlife in need. This entry level position is responsible for washing dishes and crates, animal laundry, assembling animal aquaria, food prep and other activities to support the center.

Lizard Lounge

The lobby where the education animals reside is the first thing the public will see and smell when they come through the door. It is imperative that it be maintained to the highest standards. Our education animals deserve the best quality diets as well as a variety of enrichment activities. These animals are critical to the success of our education program. This entry level position is responsible for the daily feeding and care of all education animals.

Wise Owl

Our admissions desk is the hub of TWRC. Wise Owl volunteers run the TWRC Hotline helping the public who call in looking for help with different wildlife situations. In addition, Wise Owls, admit, identify and triage the wildlife brought into the Center rescuers. This spot is by invitation only.

Vet Room Assistant

Vet Room Assistants help Vet Room Staff stay organized so that they may be more focused on addressing the needs of each animal in a timely manner. This opportunity also serves as a training field in which the Vet Room Assistant learns more about the initial assessment and care of new wildlife admissions. This spot is by invitation only.

Vet Room Lead

Concerned rescuers bring orphaned and/or injured wildlife of all kinds to receive first aid in our Vet Room by qualified individuals who are trained to work with a wide variety of species. They trust us to skillfully and knowledgeably assess the needs of the animal they took time to rescue and to administer the initial care needed, giving each animal the compassion and dignity it deserves. Vet Room Staff have the privilege of examining wildlife up close and are responsible for overseeing the examination, assessment, and treatment of all daily admissions. This spot is by invitation only.

ACP Volunteer

As a volunteer in our Animal Care Program, you will help with all types of tasks relating to the rehabilitation of wildlife. These tasks include feeding animals, weighing, cleaning cages, washing dishes and other various tasks.

ACP Supervisor

As a supervisor in the Animal Care Program, you will be in charge of helping train new volunteers to the program. You will provide mentoring and hands on experiences. This spot is by invitation only. If you are interested in mentoring and training new volunteers, please email our management team at [email protected]


As an ICU Volunteer, you will provide care and monitoring of wildlife that are kept in our intensive care unit. Animals are often in the ICU due to trauma, dehydration, acute illness or bone breaks. You must be 18 years or older, have worked at least 20 hours in the program, and must be pre-approved by the management team. For more info, email [email protected]

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