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twrc-membershipYour tax-deductible membership will help cover the growing cost of keeping our doors open. TWRC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, not a government agency nor are we funded by any city, county, state or federal office.

TWRC is primarily supported by individuals like YOU, who care about wildlife and who want to make a difference in their lives.

Since 1979, TWRC Wildlife Center has supported wildlife in Houston and its surrounding areas, through rehabilitation and educational outreach. Over 5,000 wild animals came through our doors in 2015 and your membership TODAY will ensure that as many as possible, return back to the wild where they belong.

Where does my donation go?

twrc-membership1Along with an emergency facility open 7-days a week to help orphaned, injured, and/or ill wildlife, your donation also provides

  • a help-line that offers assistance to the community with their wildlife issues
  • food, housing, veterinary care, and medical supplies for our wild patients cared for onsite with volunteer support
  • Educational Programs which provides community outreach and education activities for children and adults designed to promote living in harmony with wildlife
  • a Mentorship Program that trains individuals who have a desire to care for wildlife in their homes

Would you like to become a member of TWRC?

TWRC has two types of Membership: Active and Supporting


Active members must attend Center Volunteer Orientation.  These members provide support to the center in various capacities:

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  • Center Volunteer
  • Home-based wildlife rehabilitator
  • Vet Room support
  • Education Team members
  • Data entry
  • Board Members
  • Fundraising Team

Active Membership: $40.00
Membership Period: January 1 through December 31

Memberships are not prorated. New members who join in October, November or December will have their membership waived for the following year.

Active Membership includes:

  • TWRC t-shirt (not provided with renewal memberships)
  • Emails to keep you abreast of upcoming TWRC events
  • Access to Wildlife Rehabilitator training for those interested in becoming permitted home-based rehabilitators
  • Access to Vet Staff training for those interested in overseeing the examination of wildlife in our Vet Room
  • Ability to train with our our Lizard Lounge Team experts to learn more about wild and exotic animal behavior working with our education animals
  • Can apply for a position as Wise Owl assisting the public with their rescue
  • Admission to all education events


Supporting Membership is available to individuals would want to donate their financial support to TWRC but don’t have the time to volunteer.

Supporting Membership includes:

  • Emails to keep you abreast of upcoming TWRC events
  • Admission to all educational training classes
  • A charitable deduction on your taxes

Become a TWRC Wildlife Member