Ambassador’s Row is the home of our education animals. We have a variety of mammals, reptiles and birds that were brought to us by the public and are unable to survive in the wild. They were either injured by run-ins with domestic animals or vehicles, or suffered from MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease) which is a disorder mostly caused by malnutrition and/or lack of direct sunlight while they were “domesticated pets”.

Our Education Coordinator takes these animals to schools, festivals and events to help teach children and adults about wildlife and how to appreciate these wonderful animals from a distance, not as “pets”. Our Ambassadors are also the focus of our fun and educational seasonal camps held at our Education Center and help to dispel inaccurate myths about the animals with whom we share our communities. Ambassador’s Row is also home to some domestic animals that have been left in our care and who enhance our programs by helping us to teach young people how to be responsible pet owners.

It is with profound sadness that we must inform the TWRC family of the passing of Ivory, our lovely, sweet and shy opossum Animal Ambassador.

ivory1Ivory passed away suddenly at her outdoor habitat Thursday evening of an as yet undiagnosed condition.
Ivory was brought into the Center by Gina M., our wonderful opossum rehabilitator and because she was leucistic (a form of albinism, resulting in her white hair), it was determined that she would be unable to survive in the wild due to her lack of camouflage.

She was actually too shy and skittish to be able to act as an Ambassador at outreach events, however she was a perfect “stand-in” for our other Animal Ambassador, Olive Opossum, whenever Olive needed a little time away from the
Center.  Ivory would come to the Center and Olive would go to the outdoor habitat to rest, get some fresh air, and quiet time.  When Olive was at the Center, Ivory would luxuriate in the outdoor enclosure and was able to live a life as close to a wild opossum as she could.

Ivory was an incredible Ambassador due to her startling, deep blue eyes, large, round “Mickey Mouse” ears and her very pink nose.  She was so cute that she won over the hearts of many who were afraid of opossums.  She will be sorely missed and she will live on forever in the hearts and memories of the people at TWRC whose lives she touched.




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