Ambassador’s Row is the home of our education animals. We have a variety of mammals, reptiles and birds that were brought to us by the public and are unable to survive in the wild. They were either injured by run-ins with domestic animals or vehicles, or suffered from MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease) which is a disorder mostly caused by malnutrition and/or lack of direct sunlight while they were “domesticated pets”.

Our Education Coordinator takes these animals to schools, festivals and events to help teach children and adults about wildlife and how to appreciate these wonderful animals from a distance, not as “pets”. Our Ambassadors are also the focus of our fun and educational seasonal camps held at our Education Center and help to dispel inaccurate myths about the animals with whom we share our communities. Ambassador’s Row is also home to some domestic animals that have been left in our care and who enhance our programs by helping us to teach young people how to be responsible pet owners.

By symbolically adopting one of our education animals, you provide for their care as well as support TWRC’s education programs.

We asked our education animals what they would like, and here are their wish lists:

Lucy, Eastern Grey Squirrel

My name is Lucy and I have fulfilled my promise of not biting anyone. I will admit that I haven’t quite managed to stop peeing outside my cage, but I will continue to work on that! Overall though, I’ve been a very good squirrel and have posed for some excellent pictures. I would really like:

  • Pecans!
  • Kroger Gift Cards
  • Clean Carpet Rolls
  • Canned Beans

Iris, Eastern Screech Owl

My name is Iris, as you probably know. I have worked very hard and went to all the events. Aside from one short flight through the center, I have been an angel this year. It’s okay if you want to spoil me! I would really like:

  • Large Mice
  • Hopper Mice
  • Fuzzie Mice
  • Pinky Mice

Elvis, Chinese Water Dragon

You can call me Elvis. I am usually basking and having an excellent nap and out of one eye, I spotted you. Have you been watching?  You might have noticed, I’ve been very good this year. If you want to give me a treat, I have a list:

  • Fogger
  • Filter Media
  • Ceramic Heat Immiter
  • Crickets

Lady, Spot & Gigantor, Three-toed box turtles

My name is Lady. Have you noticed what a good girl I’ve been this year? Oh! I hope not. I try to hide behind Gigantor. I was hoping for a few things:

  • Mercury Vapor Bulbs
  • Mealworms
  • Reptivite

I’m Spot. For a second there, you scared me. Almost turtled up! You look nice, though. Maybe I can share my wish list with you. Is it okay if I whisper it?

  • Mazuri Insectivore Diet
  • Superworms
  • Cypress Mulch

My name is Gigantor, and let me just say, you don’t get a name like that without the personality to go with it. I am a magnificent turtle. The strongest, bravest adventuring turtle there ever was. I’ve been to the great beyond and back, working for TWRC all year. I have a wish or two to make home even comfier:

  • Pond Filter
  • Repashsy Bug Burger
  • Earthworms

Lady, Spot & Gigantor

JJ Watts, Maizey & Boss Hog, Snakes

JJ Watts, here. It’s been a good year. I’ve seen my share of years, too. I can promise you, I’ve been about as good as this ol’ snake can be. Now I figure you humans have always been good to me in return. Maybe I can ask for a couple special things?

  • Large Mice
  • Heating Pads

I’m new around here. My name is Maizey. It’s taking me a little time to warm up to so many new people, but everyone’s been very kind to me. I’ve been a good girl so far, and more delicious mice can’t hurt that. I have a few other things on my list too.

  • Hopper Mice
  • Home Depot Gift Cards
  • Mercury Vapor Bulbs

I’m known as Boss Hogg. This year, I’ve been working hard for TWRC. I’ve met people from all around who are intimidated by me. I know, I’m massive. If humans had three hands to hold me up, I’d need every one and then some, but people soon find out what a good guy I am. Here is a list of what I would like:

  • Pinkie Mice
  • Mercury Vapor Bulbs

JJ Watts, Maizey & Boss Hog