Outreach Events and Presentations:

School / Educational / Scout Troop Presentation (basic outline, subject to change):

  • Short explanation of TWRC Wildlife Center’s mission
  • Discussion of difference between wildlife and domestic animals
  • Explanation of the many species of wildlife found in the Houston area and their normal habitat
  • Introduction of live animals, including, but not limited to:
  • Three-toed Box Turtles
  • Two or three species of native snakes
  • Virginia Opossum
  • Eastern Screech Owl
  • If time permits: Question and Answer Period

Program Fees:


  • 30 minute program:  $150.00
  • 45 minute program:  $175.00
  • 60 minute program:  $200.00
  • 90 minute program:  $250.00
  • 120 minute program:  $300.00

After two hours – each additional hour: $100.00

Mileage from Center to event and return is charged for each event at: $0.575 per mile

(This presentation can be split into separate sessions to accommodate a “Science Night”, or can be presented to individual class rooms.  Fee is calculated as the time spent at the event, i.e., if given as a thirty minute presentation three times to three separate groups or class, the fee would be $250.00 for a “ninety minute” program.)

Schedule a School / Education Outreach Presentation: