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This fawn was found in my front yard resting in a flower bed. Mom showed up several hours later and off they went into the trees.

Found an Animal?

Many well-meaning people rescue an orphaned mammal or bird that does not need to be rescued. DO NOT rescue wildlife and then keep (kidnap) the bird or animal for a possible pet.

Baby Opossum

Living with Urban Wildlife

Here in Houston there are many kinds of wild animals that thrive in urban areas. Most of these are relatively common animals such as birds, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, snakes and many more…


Our Wildlife Network

TWRC Wildlife Center networks with several community veterinarians, established wildlife centers, experienced home-based wildlife rehabilitators, and state and local wildlife agencies.


Zoonotic Diseases

For additional information on zoonotic disease, check out this link to Texas Department of State Health Services
Zoonoses are diseases transmissible from animal to man, generally through direct contact with the animal or its body fluids or waste.


Animal Acceptance Guidlines

TWRC Wildlife Center treats injured, ill, displaced, and orphaned wildlife native to Harris County and its surrounding areas. Our urban wildlife facility located on the west side of town on Hammerly Blvd., at the Beltway 8, specializes in treating songbirds, small mammals, and reptiles.