Aquatic Birds

Did you find ducklings?

If the duckling covered in down (fluff but no feathers) or is a juvenile (has mostly adult feathers but still may have down visible) and there is no visible parent nearby, look around thoroughly in nearby trees and on the ground for a parent. If the parent is present, monitor from a distance to ensure they reunite with the duckling. If there is no parent, call us at 713-468-8972. If you suddenly find ducklings in your yard (usually found in yards with a pool) with or without a parent present, call us at 713-468-8972 before attempting to intervene.

Have you found an injured adult Aquatic Bird?

If you have found an injured adult aquatic bird, please follow the instructions under “Does the animal seem to be ill or injured?” on the previous page.

General Information about Aquatic birds in the Houston Area

Ducklings and herons are the two most common types of aquatic birds admitted by TWRC Wildlife Center. Other common aquatic birds in the Houston area include geese, egrets, ibises, rails, spoonbills, loons, grebes, pelicans, bitterns cormorants, and many more.


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