Schedule a center presentation for that personal touch or come on out and visit our education wildlife today and see the wildlife at your leisure!


Center presentations are available from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday. We will try our best to accommodate your schedule, however, during the busy season, our resources are stretched.

Allow an experienced volunteer to introduce you to our education wildlife, and have time for photo opportunities with them!

  • $10 per participant PLUS 1 item from our list of commonly used products: Dawn Liquid Detergent, one ream of copier paper, 33 gal trash bags, 55 gal trash bags, anti-bacterial hand soap, or anti-bacterial hand gel.
  • Minimum 10 participants
  • Maximum 30 participants
  • 1 Hour program length

Please provide several dates that may suit your needs and adequate notice to help us plan . Let us know if you have any special needs.