Outreach Opportunities

Virtual Presentations Are Now Available!

We are proud to offer our Standard or Custom presentations virtually for your classroom, scout troop, women’s club or other group. 
Take advantage of our special virtual discounts and support TWRC as we help over 5,000 wild animals annually!  
Virtual Presentation Fees:
30 minute presentation: $100.00
45 minute presentation: $125.00
60 minute presentation: $150.00
Contact Victoria at [email protected] to set up your presentation today!
Are you looking for a presentation that is educational, interesting, and filled with fun? Have you wanted to learn more about the fascinating wildlife with whom we share our neighborhoods? Look no further!

TWRC Wildlife Center offers exciting, educational presentations with introductions to our amazing Animal Ambassadors. We offer creative and engaging craft projects to accompany any presentation. We can also “customize” our presentation to expand upon specific curriculums.

We have given presentations at schools for children of all ages, libraries, garden clubs, senior living communities, women’s clubs, homeschool groups, Boy Scout and Girl Scout meetings and camps, many types of spring and summer camp programs, veterinary schools and veterinary student group meetings.

Our presentations are flexible, interesting and educational to all ages and are offered in thirty minute, forty-five or sixty minute formats and we can also give back-to-back presentations if needed.

Standard Presentation

Craft Projects

We would be thrilled to introduce Houston’s wildlife to your group and if interested in scheduling a presentation, please contact Victoria at [email protected] and we will book a date for you!

After each presentation, we kindly request a survey be completed by the group. Our average score on each survey is 49.5 out of 50. Please have a look at some of the testimonials we have received back from some of our recent presentations:

Cassie S.

Shadow Oaks Elementary School

“The Presenter did an excellent job maintaining [the students'] interest as well as presenting the information that was developmentally appropriate for our kids. Thank you again for coming to our campus. Your program does wonders for our students. They loved learning about the animals and would not stop talking about it!”

Gilda S.

Cedar Brook Elementary School

“Fantastic use of time in our classroom! Presenter gave so many interesting facts. Thank you!”


Humble Elementary School

“I am so glad my students had the opportunity to learn about and see and touch Texas wildlife animals. Students were very engaged, and they enjoyed being able to touch the animals. I hope TWRC comes to our school again.”

Carmen C.

Sherwood Elementary School

“Every elementary school should have this presentation for their students. Urban city students can get a different perspective of wildlife which they usually do not experience.”

Peggy M.

Science Coach, Humble Elementary School

“Amazing program – very age appropriate for 1st graders! The ladies were so gentle with the animals which was a wonderful model for the students!”

Sean F.

Stevens Elementary School

“The Presenter was so much fun. The kids learned a lot and had a great time.”

Tina M.

Cedar Brook Elementary School

“I am no longer afraid of [o]possums!”

Luis G.

Sherwood Elementary School

“Fantastic presentation. Our students left the room wanting to learn more about TWRC and the animals. We enjoyed every moment. Congratulations!”

Sue S.

Frostwood Women's Club

“I now love [o]possums! This was my second time to see the presentation. I would see it again!”

Chuck F.

Galleria/River Oaks Rotary Club

“[Presenter] gave an excellent presentation! Her presentation would be great for all age groups!”

Erica P.

Private Birthday Party at TWRC Wildlife Center

“We had an amazing presentation from [presenter]. She was informative and let us get close to the animals. She really fostered the love of animal[s] and nature.”

Jana S.

Memorial Drive Garden Club

“One of the best presentations, ever!”

Kari R.

Private Birthday Party

“Very nice! Enjoyed [the] presentation.”

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