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Are you looking for a presentation that is educational, interesting and filled with fun?  Have you wanted to learn more about the fascinating wildlife with whom we share our neighborhoods?  Are you looking for a fun yet educational craft project for your group of campers, students or scouts?

TWRC Wildlife Center offers exciting, educational presentations with introductions to our amazing Animal Ambassadors.  We can also “customize” our presentation to expand upon specific curriculums.  We have given presentations at schools for children of all ages, libraries, garden clubs, senior living communities, women’s clubs, Homeschool groups, Boy Scout and Girl Scout meetings and camps, many types of spring and summer camp programs, veterinary schools and veterinary student group meetings.

Our presentations are flexible, interesting and educational to all ages and are offered in thirty minute, forty-five or sixty minute formats and we can also give back-to-back presentations if needed.

The standard presentation includes the following:

A quick introduction to TWRC Wildlife Center and what we do to assist Houston’s wildlife. We explain how children and adults can help an animal found in need, as well as how to determine whether or not an animal is actually in need of help, or is better off left alone.

An introduction to our Animal Ambassadors follows which can include:

  • Two Three-toed Box Turtles
  • One or two native Texas snakes
  • An Eastern Screech Owl
  • A Virginia Opossum

With each introduction, we share fun and educational facts about each species, including the importance of each animal to our urban and suburban neighborhoods, as well as how we can help to keep our community ecosystems vital. We also explain how many of these species help to make our lives more comfortable and how they actually help to keep us healthy.

Depending upon the size of the audience, we can either walk among the group, allowing them to touch our reptile ambassadors, or we will pass through the audience, allowing all to see the ambassadors very closely.

TWRC is proud to also be able to offer a craft program following a presentation that includes the following:

Opossum Footprint Artwork Craft – Our Ambassador walks through animal/kid-friendly paint, with the help of the audience, on white paper, leaving artwork that the audience can take home with them while teaching them about fascinating opossum adaptations, including their prehensile tails, dexterous fingers and the opposable thumb located on their rear feet.

Toad Abode Craft – Houston’s toad and frog population is declining and the audience would make a Toad Abode to place in their yard, re-purposing broken or cracked pottery, which will be painted, decorated and made unique by each child.

Toad Abode Craft

Secondary Rescue Nest – The audience would make a temporary nest in which they can place a baby that has been found on the ground, and then suspend the nest from the tree where the parents are located. The nest allows the baby to be off the ground and safe, yet the parents are still able to care for the baby until it is ready to leave on its own. These nests are decorated, allowing each child to create a unique nest all their own.

The fees for our presentations are as follows:

  • 30 minutes:  $200.00
  • 45 minutes:  $225.00
  • 60 minutes:  $250.00

Plus the cost of mileage from the Center and returning at $0.575 per mile.

Our Presentations

The addition of a craft to a presentation is $75.00 with TWRC providing the supplies needed for the craft. (The fee is for a group of up to 30 children.  There is an additional fee of $5.00 for every additional  10 children.)

A presentation can be “customized” to fit a specific curriculum for an additional $100.00.

Our Presentations

We would be thrilled to introduce Houston’s wildlife to your group and if interested in scheduling a presentation, please contact Victoria at [email protected] and we will book a date for you!