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Are Skunks good for anything?

 Actually, yes, they are. For most people, the only thing they know about skunks is that they stink but they are very beneficial to farmers and homeowners. They eat garden and agricultural pests in large numbers. They feed on larvae, worms, fruit, eggs, reptiles, small mammals, bees, wasps, and fish. So are Skunks good for anything? YES!

Close Up of two Grackles

GRACKLES – They’ll Eat Anything

We’ve all been in parking lots where we feel we’re being stalked by big black birds just waiting for us to drop a morsel of food. What are they? Ravens, Crows, Grackles? If you said Grackles, you’d be correct.

Kaitly Miller Baby Dove getting helped at the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition.

How to Help Injured and Abandoned Wildlife During Hurricane Season

I almost missed what a thunderstorm had left in my front yard while I was carrying in my takeout: a tiny bird’s nest lying on the grass. I approached with fingers crossed, and I found two baby birds that had fallen victim to the downpour. Only one was still breathing. Over the next two hours, I hatched a plan to save the little guy’s life.


And so it begins. Baby season 2020 and it all begins with baby squirrels. There are a number of reasons why baby squirrels get separated from mom. Homeowners cut down trees that have nests, high winds can blow nests down or can knock babies out of the nest or sometimes they just fall out. Whatever the reason, you can help.

TWRC Virtual Chili Cook Off Event

Come Join TWRC Wildlife Center’s Virtual Chili Cook off!
With the current pandemic and new health guidelines we have decided to host our Chili Cook-Off, virtual style! Contestants can still enter their best chili recipe into the contest for a chance to win, and patrons can still take part by purchasing a patron entry including our souvenir glass, door prize tickets and copy of the Chili Cook Off Cook Book!

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