Are Skunks good for anything?

By Gabby Garcia
Actually, yes, they are. For most people, the only thing they know about skunks is that they stink but they are very beneficial to farmers and homeowners. They eat garden and agricultural pests in large numbers. They feed on larvae, worms, fruit, eggs, reptiles, small mammals, bees, wasps, and fish. So are Skunks good for anything? YES!

Texas is home to five species of skunks—the eastern spotted, striped, two types of hog-nosed and the hooded skunk. The hooded skunk is considered a Mexican species and can only be found in a few Texas counties near Mexico. The striped skunk is the most common skunk in North America. It has a white stripe on either side of its back that extends over the head and down the sides of the tail. The spotted skunk can only be found in eastern Texas, the Panhandle and the eastern United States. It gets its name from having a small white spot on its forehead and a spot in front of each ear. The American hog-nosed skunk is the largest skunk in the world. They have one broad white stripe from the top of the head to the base of the tail and a long, bushy white tail. They can be found in southern and central Texas.


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