Ms. Even is the heart of the day-to-day operations of wildlife rehabilitation and education for TWRC.  After raising a family and working in the private sector in small business management, she began volunteering at TWRC.  In 1993 she retired and became more involved with TWRC as a Texas (mammals) and Federally (birds) permitted rehabilitator.

She has served as Volunteer Coordinator, as Treasurer for two terms, and was the creator and innovator behind the Baby Bird Program.  It was her idea to involve the public in the rehabilitation of baby birds during the busy season, usually March through August.  In 2010 she introduced a Mammal program focusing on opossums and a dove rehabilitation program, both on a test basis, and the programs have shown promising success.

Ms. Even understands and is involved in every aspect of TWRC – animals, education, people (volunteers, staff), financial, governance, and programs.  It is her vision, leadership, creativity and drive that have enabled TWRC to remain strong and successful.

Ms. Conley was educated in South Dakota and came to Texas in 1989.

Ms. Conley has been with TWRC for 7 years after serving as Vice President for Friends of Texas Wildlife.  Ms. Conley has had a lifelong passion for wildlife and wildlife education.  She is a Texas permitted wildlife rehabilitator, and has successfully rehabilitated and released numerous animals.

Ms. Conley has held several positions in Public Relations, Media Management, Marketing and Communications and currently owns and serves as President of KYBY Radio in Magnolia.

Ms. Conley is very active in her community and has been recognized by the Keep Montgomery County Beautiful organization for her activism. She actively campaigned to make the placement of bandit signs by companies along our roadways illegal and a State law was eventually passed. Additionally she played an important role in making bow-hunting illegal in certain subdivisions within Montgomery County.

Ms. Gresko graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Ms. Gresko began volunteering for TWRC in 2007 and is a State-permitted rehabilitator. Jeannie joined the TWRC Board in 2010 as Media Coordinator and served as Interim President for 3 years.

In Jeannie’s professional career, she was employed as a pre-school and kindergarten teacher, camp counselor, and YMCA Summer Day Camp Director. After completing licensing requirements and industry training courses, Jeannie spent 11 years in the Insurance business in Ohio, Virginia and Texas. She was also an active volunteer in the music ministry and youth ministry at her local parish churches for more than 30 years, serving in 3 countries.

Ms. Gresko was also involved in charity work and volunteerism in Jakarta, Indonesia.  In her 9 years there, she was involved in, and performed with, The American Women’s Association (AWA), AWA Singers and Jakarta Players Community Theater. Ms. Gresko served as a Board Member of Jakarta Players and volunteered as a teacher at a local Indonesian school.

She holds a B.A. from the University of Houston Magna Cum Laude in History and Political Science and an MBA in Accounting/Finance with Honors from the University of Houston.  She holds the designations CPA, Certified Financial Planner, Certified Internal Auditor, and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor.

Ms. Statham serves as Secretary/Treasurer. She began volunteering with TWRC Wildlife Center in July 2011.

Ms. Statham’s financial career began with Touche Ross as a Staff Tax Consultant.  She spent 10 years in the natural gas industry in internal audit and financial planning (budgeting and forecasting) and gas imbalance resolution with Enron and Panhandle Eastern.

In 1996 she became a Personal Financial Advisor with American Express Financial Advisors and retired from its successor company, Ameriprise Financial, in April 2011.

Ms. Buck received a B.S. in Business Administration with focuses in Finance and Economics from Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, where she was active in student leadership and economics research.

Prior to moving to Texas in 2015, Ms. Buck lived in her hometown of Kennebunkport, Maine where she enjoyed a wide range of outdoor activities, from summer kayaking to winter snowboarding.

Ms. Buck is a finance professional currently working in P&L Management at HP Inc, Her previous job experience includes Sales Reporting and Revenue Recognition roles. She joined TWRC as a way to be closer to the great outdoors and brings to the Board a passion for wildlife paired with business acumen.

Mr. Arbuckle holds a degree from Rice University. He is a dynamic, results-driven sales and marketing executive with a strong record of success.

Mr. Arbuckle has experience in a variety of corporate, mid-sized and non-profit environments including work with the Houston Technology Center and Reliant Energy, building and leading the marketing functions and Industrial Services Networld, a global Plant and Refinery web portal.

Mr. Arbuckle’s specialties include development and implementation of marketing strategies, operations marketing collateral, sales performance management, retention and acquisition, vendor contract formulation and negotiations.

Ms. Taylor obtained her Bachelors of Science degree in Finance from the University of New Haven and her Masters in Business from Phoenix University.

Ms. Taylor is currently a Finance Executive for Baker Hughes, a GE Company, in the role of Finance IT Integration Lead. She has been with the General Electric Company for over 12 years and has served in multiple finance leadership roles across their Corporate, Power, Healthcare, Aviation and Oil and Gas Company.

Before General Electric Ms. Taylor spent 8 years at United Technologies Inc., headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut. There she held various roles in Supply Chain and Internal Audit.

Ms. McElhinney was educated in England and Switzerland.

Throughout Ms. McElhinney’s career, she has held many positions involving children and/or animals. She has served as a Montessori teacher, a special education teacher, a swimming instructor, and has been trained to work with handicapped children in horse therapy. Ms. McElhinney has volunteered with TWRC intermittently for over 14 years and has rehabilitated raccoons, opossums, ducks and squirrels. She joined the Board of Directors in 2015.

Ms. McElhinney is very active in her church and is an Elder.

Mr. Shathi Govender has worked in the capacity of management consultant for the past 20 years which has been interspersed with a number of interim general management assignments at senior executive levels. His experience extends to assisting in setting up of enterprises by providing management and business strategy. His area of expertise is business process re-engineering and has been successful in turnaround strategies for underperforming companies.

Mr. Govender has 15 years of financial and general management experience and has been instrumental in many business ventures in the areas of Publishing, Mining, Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Risk Management, Retail and Logistics. Mr. Govender  has served on various boards and audit committees.

He also served and chaired the board of several non-profit boards including Freeme in South Africa, an organization similar to TWRC, involved with the rescue, rehabilitation and release of wildlife in Africa.

He is a current member of the IMC USA board of directors.