Our Services

TWRC Wildlife Center provides an emergency room for orphaned, injured, and ill wildlife, as well as a helpline.  Both the emergency room and the helpline operate 7 days a week. Our vet room staff as well as experienced volunteers facilitate initial triage, rehabilitation, release, and education.

TWRC Wildlife Center provides animal care in two ways: our onsite Animal Care Program and specialized in-home care by permitted rehabbers. The onsite program offers a way for the community to become actively involved in the rehabilitation of wildlife under the guidance of experienced staff.  In-home rehabilitation is usually reserved for neonates, critical care, and animal species that typically require months of care prior to release.

TWRC Wildlife Center accepts many Texas wildlife species found in the Houston area, specializing in small mammals, songbirds, doves, and small raptors.  Our goal is to rehabilitate with the intent to release back into the wild.  If this goal cannot be achieved because the animal is beyond care or has sustained injuries preventing its release, TWRC will humanely end its suffering.  There are rare occasions when placement can be found for some non-releasable wild animals, but these opportunities are very limited and require special government permits to ensure the animal will receive the best long-term care.  Whenever TWRC is unable to accept wildlife for rehabilitation, rescuers receive referrals to other wildlife organizations in the area who can offer the best care for those animals.

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