TWRC Mission and Core Values

At TWRC Wildlife Center, our mission is to promote environmental conservation through public education and rehabilitation of Texas wildlife.


At Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (TWRC) we believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all living things. We value the lives of every animal that enters our care and vow to treat each animal humanely and with respect and compassion.  Although our goal is to release all animals back to the wild, we hold ourselves accountable to do what is best for each individual animal.


Through our outreach programs we aim to help the public understand the importance of conservation and to gain an appreciation of native Texas wildlife. We are committed to educating the public about wildlife as a means to encourage people to coexist with the wild animals who share our environment.


TWRC provides a community for people who are dedicated to Texas wildlife. We value and care about each other — working to inspire, challenge and support our fellow wildlife caregivers.  Although many of us are volunteers, we aspire to a level of professionalism in everything we do.


The staff and volunteers of TWRC strive to develop future leaders in the wildlife field.  Through our work with the Boy and Girl scouts and local colleges, we actively seek out and then train tomorrow’s wildlife workers. By openly showing our enthusiasm for conserving native Texas wildlife, we establish bold visions and purposefulness in the next generation.

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